Posted on May 10, 2019
At the recent District Governors Conference in Gettysburg, MD, a presentation was made describing the  initiative underway by several organizations including the Ridgewood YMCA. This initiative is an effort to build YMCA Community based facilities in Haiti utilizing shipping container boxes. Phil Wells and his father, Peter, a former District Governor,  who are each architects in Park Ridge and active in Park Ridge Rotary have been leading this effort for many years. They partnered with the YMCA in Haiti as well as the YMCA in Ridgewood to construct multi use buildings from shipping containers. Andy Topp, our former Rotary Member who passed away last year, was very instrumental in creating this unique repurposing of shipping containers in Haiti and other countries.
As many of you know, Ernie Lamour, CEO of the Ridgewood YMCA, who s a member of our Club is also responsible for coordinating resources in helping the population of Haiti.