Posted by Peter Krautle on Jan 11, 2018
Summary of Ridgewood A.M. Rotary Breakfast Meeting – January 11, 2018
Prayer: Chris
This Day in History: 1908 - U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt declares the massive Grand Canyon in northwestern Arizona a national monument.
Happy Dollars: Rob
  • Rob – welcome to Ridgewood Cambodia club, and Amy F, one of our Rotary scholarship students who is nursing junior at Ramapo College
  • Elise – welcome visitors
  • Chris – passing of Tom Shea
  • Asak – traveling to Sri Lanka
  • Vernon – sold 5 calendars at Rotary meeting
  • Tammy – welcocome vistors, Gift of Life dinner on February 8
  • Dan – welcome visitors, all kids were home over the holidays
  • Ed – Went to Knicks game
  • Andy – flew family to Virginia, water filter project starting in Honduras
  • Betty – Tom Shea passing, summer and winter clothes for Yemen
  • Barbara – weather has changed and has become warmer
Announcements – Tammy
  • Jay had successful foot surgery, but now has flu
  • Need volunteers to read questions at the National History Bee
Speakers – Karen Feder and Pri, Hunter, Kailyn, and Nicole from Ridgewood High School – Cambodia Project
  • Project is a student-driven initiative to build, staff, supply, and enhance a school in a rural Cambodian village. Fundraising started in 2007
  • Four schools in Ridgewood are involved in the project. Recently 45 chairs and 7 chairs were donated to the school by Ridgewood families
  • Building a library is the nest goal
  • Raising funds through movie nights, snacks at student games, and bake sales. Todate the project has raised over $90,000
  • Each year a Ridgewood contingent travels to Cambodia to connect, visit, and monitor progress.
  • Mrs. Feder travels to Cambodia twice per year
  • The genocide in the 1970s targeted educated people – The effort of Khmer Rouge leader Pol Pot to form a Communist peasant farming society resulted in the deaths of 25 percent of the country's population from starvation, overwork and executions
50-50 Winner and 4-Way Leader – Rob