Posted by Peter Krautle on Jun 30, 2017
Summary of Ridgewood A.M. Rotary Breakfast Meeting – June 15, 2017
Prayer – Not captured
This Day in History – Not captured
Happy Dollars
  • John – saw Orpheus at Westside. Christian Healthcare golf outing
  • Vernon – Performed Orpheus at Westside – thanks to all who came out. King’s Pond cleanup
  • Bill – Christian Healthcare golf outing - $150K raised
  • Tammy – prayer for grandchild that is expected to be born at any time
  • Betty – Rotary Big Band Social
  • Elise – baseball game
  • Ashak - last day of motel. Taking month of vacation to travel.
  • Betty – Vernon’s concert and installation dinner
  • Bill – Rotary moment on orphanage in Haiti.
Speaker - Marina Zats, Feel Your Best Coach and Personal Trainer
  • Mother had 3 heart attacks by age of 40. Father also had stroke
  • Working in Finance industry with long hours – needed lifestyle change to regain health. Started business as lifestyle coach and personal trainer
  • In life everything has a balance – most people eat too much sugar. Health coach provides guidance on curbing sugar craving