Posted by Peter Krautle on Jun 30, 2017
Summary of Ridgewood A.M. Rotary Breakfast Meeting – June 29, 2017
Prayer – Not captured
This Day in History – Not captured
Happy Dollars - Barbara
  • Barb – thank you for support as Sargent at arms and patience with jokes
  • Vernon – Installation dinner and best wishes to Tammy
  • Lisa – Installation Dinner
  • Tammy – New grandchild born, thanks to everyone for support for installation
  • Dan – Welcome to Will French and summer
  • Peter – Welcome to Will French, thank you Vernon, and best wishes to Tammy.
  • No Rotary meeting next week
  • Tom – won the 50-50 and bonus pot totaling $1000. Returned winnings back to club
  • Vernon – award to Greg for membership committee work
Candace "Dacey" Latham, from the Ridgewood Historical Society
  • Excellent presentation on the history of Ridgewood from the 1700s to the present day
  • Many artifacts in the Society collection – adapting ‘More is Less’ approach by selecting collections to display based on themes.
50-50 Winner – Peter
4-Way Leader – Peter