Ridgewood A.M. Rotary Club - Weekly Summary June 30th, 2016
This Day in History: Not Captured
Happy Dollars:
  • Ken Espenak, for his club leadership (several)
  • Ridgewood 4th July Parade – volunteers needed
  • Joan – a friend and guest from the Ridgewood Chamber of Commerce
  • July 30th food drive at the Ridgewood Stop and Shop – volunteers needed
  • Elise Merhige for joining club (several)
  • 10th meeting for Gwenn Hauck
  • President Obama, for speech given to Canadian joint session of House of Commons and Senate Wednesday afternoon June 29th, in Ottawa.
  • Lost dog on Monday evening returned home
  • Social Committee and their good work
New Business – Led by Ken
  • New Rotary banner as part of Vernon’s installation – 4-way test to be recited regularly
  • Summary of Club Budget – Jay Fowler
  • Membership PIN to Gwenn Hauck