Summary of Ridgewood A.M. Rotary Breakfast Meeting – March 30, 2017
Prayer, This Day in History, and Happy Dollars – not captured
Announcements: Vernon/Steve – Humanitarian dinner honoring Bea and Jim O’Rourke on April 20th at 6 PM. Vernon and Tammi will be calling each club member over the next few days on attendance and ads. This is a major fundraiser for the club
Presentation – Charles "Chuck" Johnson, Head Football Coach and Physical Education Teacher at Ridgewood High School. His Maroons went (12-0-0) in 2016 and were state champions
  • Coached football at RHS since mid-1980s – loves the game and the kids. Some people thought he would retire after this winning season, but enjoys coaching
  • Doesn’t see coaching as work
  • Is always prepared
  • Always tells his coaches – are we doing enough to tell the players we love them
  • Game has migrated from contact practices to no-contact practices for the most part. RHS was leader here
  • Equipment, particularly helmets, has improved significantly
  • Football as a sport in high school has made tremendous strides safety-wise. Concussion protocols today are very strict.
  • Outstanding athletic trainers at RHS
  • Skillsets young men (and women interested) on teamwork, collaboration, trust, last a lifetime. Chuck still stays in contact with many former students.
  • Has new leadership themes for his teams every year.
  • Overall an excellent presentation
50-50 Winner – Carleton
4-Way Leader – Carleton