Posted by Peter Krautle on Oct 28, 2017
Summary of Ridgewood A.M. Rotary Breakfast Meeting – October 26, 2017
Prayer – Chris
This Day in History – 1825 Erie Canal between Hudson River & Lake Erie opens
Happy Dollars - Rob
  • Rob – Welcome to speaker Amanda Missy
  • Ashak – came back from London celebrating Indian New Year
  • Jay – received tickets for calendar sales
  • Amanda – thank you for invitation to speak
  • Tammy – thanks to Amanda for speaking
  • Anne – leaving Saturday for Italy
  • MaryAnn – neighbor musician formed chamber quartet and recently held excellent first concert. Youngest son recently won brewery award. Oldest son just moved into new house with 5 acres of land.
  • John – recommends that MaryAnn bring youngest son’s award winning brew to an upcoming breakfast
  • Barb – recently saw the excellent movie Victoria and Abdul. Witnessed meteor shower
  • Dave – warning to people with fob keys that electronically open/close cars and start them has led to an increase in stolen vehicles.
  • Ken – recently attended family meeting
  • Vernon – drove across the new Tappan zee bridge
Announcements - Tammy
  • Soles for Souls – Saturday October 28 2-4 PM – need help sorting shoes. November 8 is the last day to drop off shoes
  • Chris – need help with dictionaries for Ho Ho Kus elementary school
  • November 16 – Paul Harris awards celebration
  • Jay – marathon funding
  • December 14 – holiday party
Amanda Missy – Bergen Volunteer Medial Initiative (BVMI)
  • BVMI moved March 15 from a 3500 to 5000 square foot facility with great bus service, 6 exam rooms, and consulting rooms
  • BVMI provides free healthcare to working families in Bergen Country making less than 3 times the federal poverty level and have access to no other health insurance. Families must have one person in household working
  • 17% increase in patients this year – from 900->1100 patients
  • Quest provides free diagnostics
  • Many BVMI Patients have not seen patients in years. 40% of patients have diabetes – emphasis on diet, exercise and medication
  • 65% of patients are women – women’s health initiative
  • Obesity – 50 % are overweight. Have launched a weight management program with 20 volunteers which balances nutrition, stress management, exercise, and behavior changes
  • 55 clinical volunteers
  • Small paid staff for ambulatory care support
  • Nurse practitioner on staff
  • 60-65% of patients speak Spanish
  • Hiring fulltime volunteer coordinator
  • Hours are 9-5, trying to expand times
  • Need volunteer doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners
  • Not a walkin clinic – by appointment only
  • Patients leave BVMI for a variety of reasons including coverage by Medicaid, obtain job with health insurance, and moves
  • Electronic medical records – working with 5 hospitals on this iniative where BVMI patients are treated for free and health records are shared
50-50 Winner and 4-way leader – Rob