Mar 28, 2019 7:30 AM
Dr. Catherine Nagadya
WMI scholar and founder of Girls Unstoppable - Uganda

Girls Unstoppable Uganda

Our Mission:

Empower girls in Uganda with skills, education and knowledge.

Our Vision:

A generation of girls in Uganda empowered for individual, community and global transformation.


  • Support adolescent girls to enroll in and receive quality education.
  • Challenge and equip girls in clubs to impact their spaces in a tangible positive way .
  • Engage in relevant advocacy and mobilization
  • Partner with government and other like-minded organizations
  • We are a registered non profit organization that believes that every adolescent girl matters. We are therefore at the core of empowering adolescent girls in Uganda by investing in their education, skills, health and opportunities, so that they can realize their full potential, impact and change generations